A Nostalgic Look at Halloween

When I look at Halloweens from years past, I look with a fond expression…mostly because it means that Christmas is just around the corner. But honestly Halloween has always had a special place in my heart, and that’s mostly because of the experiences I had at my old school.

First off, let me give you the setting of my old school. You know that school that the grade 6s go to for camp? That’s where I used to go to. So anyway, imagine groups of buildings on campus (four facing each other with a quad in the middle)- those are called clusters, and that my dear readers, is the setting of this old Hallos’eve.

There would be five or six houses in three separate clusters that would give out candy, and there were a few different houses you could expect certain things. First there was Mr. Jeremy’s house; his wife was Japanese, so you could always expect some kind of Japanese candy from his house (makes sense right?), but he would also be one of those houses that just put a bowl of candy outside of his house and says, “take one”. So of course, you have to take ten- he’s just asking for it.

Then there was Mr. Jim’s house. His house was always terrifying. He was one of the tech masters at our school, so of course he would create a huge light’s display outside his house for all the kids to see. I remember one year he had this large pumpkin outside his house; he placed a mic inside it, so every time he talked through it, lights would flash. It was impressive but a little scary for 5-year old me. Also, on a more unrelated note, he only gave muffins. Who does that on Halloween?

And finally, there was Ms. Marry, gosh did she get into Halloween. She would dress in a long black robe, and a black wig. Then she would sit in the quad with three to four boxes. Each box would have a different monster part in it that you would have to reach in and touch for a bite of candy. So, it could be things like witch’s eyes (peeled grapes), troll snot (passion fruit innards), or spider legs (cut up pipe cleaners). It was pretty impressive.

I would also just like to say that the parent’s taste in candy were some of the best I’ve ever had. Meaning they gave things like Mentos, those tongue colour changing lollipops, Snickers bars, and M&M packets. Take notes people!

Writer: Holly Erwin (opinion column)

Editor: Ziva Huang

2 thoughts on “A Nostalgic Look at Halloween

  1. Howdy Holly!

    Halloween is not like it used to be. I remember the good old days when you went out at night and you could take your Halloween haul to the emergency room so it could be x-rayed to see if anyone had stuck needles or razor blades into it. I don’t think anyone ever did, but there were rumors… Ah, those were the days, though.

    Mr. M.


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