My Solution to Everything… Sort of

I’ve done a bit of thinking about humanity, and you all know what happens when we get too hooked on humanity. We start picking and scraping and digging down to the very core of the concept, and that is where I’ve gone. After many days of bumping into empty walls and zoning-out sessions (in which I suffered much because I kept having to go backwards), I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no real solution to the world’s problems- we went past the point of no return years ago. But I do believe there are ways to make sure future generations won’t need to clean up our mess, as Greta Thunberg says.

Since this is an opinion article, I’m allowed to say this; if it were anywhere else, I would most likely be spited by the gods. But here I am.

Here’s what I believe: the only way humanity will get any better is if we stop humanity all together, meaning, stop having babies. It is the one point I agreed with Thanos about. But sadly, people love people, humans want things, human nature is human nature, so I am not entitled to say that everybody should immediately stop having babies in the world so that we can stop the virus called humans. 

So, alternatively, I had to think even harder on what might possibly solve the problems of humanity. At the end, I have gone down to nil on how this hopeless situation can get any better. But then I thought, what about politicians. Nobody needs them; they are manipulative and are also constantly being manipulated themselves. A wise sketch once told me that being a politician requires the least amount of skill out of all jobs, perhaps that isn’t true. But please tell me. Can you name one major politician of today who is really making a difference?

Once again, I am back to the beginning. What about money? Isn’t that the reason everything has gone so far off track? Wasn’t currency the reason that everything has gone so terribly wrong? We humans, supposedly the most intelligent species living in this world, surround our whole lives with the concept of a piece of metal or a rectangular piece of fibre and paper and whatever material money is made of. Money makes humans everything they are today. Money makes us do many things we wouldn’t have even tried to do if it wasn’t offered before us. Money is the cause to sins, it makes us proud, it makes us envious, it makes us who we are. Do you really think companies like Shell would go out of their way to suck resources out of the ground if there wasn’t money involved?

Unfortunately, all of these solutions will cause mass chaos to society as we know it. The moment babies are removed (sorry), politicians are carted off (sorry, pols), or money is killed (not sorry), society will change. Everything as we know it will come to an end and it will commence the beginning of a new era, an era we are not ready for. So therefore, as many of my articles have been, I have no conclusion. There is no solution to the problems we face, we are all doomed unless somebody with the power, the mind and the ability comes forward to the frontlines of humanity and takes charge of the situation. Until then, we have no future. Sorry for the morbid ending.

Writer: Ziva Huang (opinion column)

2 thoughts on “My Solution to Everything… Sort of

  1. Howdy Ziva!

    I have one word for you: evolutionary psychology. You should read up on it. It will help you understand how the very traits that evolved to help us succeed on and later leave the savannas of our hunter-gatherer time period are killing us now. We are literally fighting against ourselves in order to save ourselves. It is pretty sad, actually.

    Mr. M.


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